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       About Us

    Yucheng Chemical (shanghai) Co., Ltd
    Company profile:
    Yucheng Chemical (shanghai) Co., Ltd (Predecessor: Shanghai Sanpont Co., Ltd), is engaged in researching and producing of silica gel products. Since 1996, we proceeded to produce silica gel products. We started from a small hand workshop in 1996, established the headquarters in Shanghai in 2005. During 2007 we set up a logistics center in Tianjin. Our R&D laboratory was put into operation in 2009 in shanghai, and in 2010 our Shandong factory moved into a new location. All of these make our company to be an excellent firm which you can rest assured to cooperate.
    Enterprise Architecture:
        Shanghai headquarters: mainly responsible for sales, research and development, as well  as the after-sales service of the East and South China.
        Tianjin office: take charge of logistics work of Beijing, Tianjin and Northeast.
        Shandong factory:  production base
    R&D direction:
        We focus on surface modification of silicone products, and R&D of the and new separation  material.
    Corporate vision:
         Your expert of the separation material
    Enterprise qualifications:
         ISO9001, SDS, CNAS

    Column Chromatography Silica Gel

    Thin Layer Chromatography Silica Gel Plate

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